Get Tidy!

Being Tidy is a frame of mind. It comes from a desire to make healthy changes to your life and create a beautiful home. Here are some simple tips to get on track:

  • Make lists and STICK to them.
  • Stay optimistic and don’t let small disasters bring you down.
  • Use your calendar to track everything as well as set your goals for the week/month/year.
  • Get things done when you are thinking about it. Don’t wait for a big inspiration. Start a task and finish it.
  • Celebrate your victories.
  • Ask for help from your other family members. Kids can do stuff, too!
  • Know when your most productive working time is, and take advantage of it. For some people it is early in the morning before everyone else is awake. For others, it is right after their kids get on the school bus.
  • Let go of stress. If you feel overwhelmed, figure out what life activities you can let go of.
  • Show off your success. Become the hostess you have always envied.