Get Organized

Here are some of my favorite organizational tips.

  1. Make sure that you have a place for everything. This includes seasonal items.
  2. Get rid of the junk drawer! Or, if you absolutely have to have it, make sure that it is for more specific “junk,” and use a divider/drawer organizer to keep everything in its place.
  3. Put at least a small trash can in every room. This helps keep unnecessary piles from forming.
  4. Store extra sheets between the mattress and boxspring. This will free up valuable shelf space.
  5. Put a pretty shoe basket or chest by your front door. Have your kids get in the habit of always putting their shoes in it.
  6. Binders! I use binders with sheet protectors for everything. These work for take-out menus, instruction manuals, and recipes.


February 9, 2016